Eventi aziendali

Corporate events

Eventi aziendali

A one-of-a-kind place, to ensure that your corporate event makes an unforgettable impression

The property offers enough space to accommodate 1,000 people, with 200 parking spaces and 10 restrooms.
The old granary (11.5 x 45 x 4 metres), which can hold up to 600 people theatre-style or 500 arranged around tables, is also available for your use, as is the medieval armoury, whose measurements are the same, although the inside dimensions are slightly smaller due to architectural differences.

1) Stable Courtyard
2) Cour d’honneur
3) Historic Courtyard
4) Feudal-period granary and castle armoury
5) Garden of Aphrodite
6) Parking

Eventi aziendali

A unique location

You can rely on us, with our many years of experience, to organise your conferences, seminars, company courses, conventions, team building events and many other activities, with the help of catering services specialised in coffee breaks, lunches, working dinners and banquets.

The exclusivity of every event is guaranteed at the Rocca del Castello, regardless of the number of guests or what time you choose to begin your event.

Eventi aziendali